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Fayat, Greater Paris continues!

If 2019 was a real record-breaking year, our teams’ Greater Paris adventure is continuing in 2020: they are still
putting all their expertise into practice to meet the many challenges encountered under the capital’s streets.

Razel-Bec & Fayat Foundations, light at the end of the tunnel for the Line 11 extension!

Four Razel-Bec tunnel boring machines are continuing to trace the underground route of the Greater Paris project’s future underground and regional railway lines.

On the station side, the civil engineering work is progressing rapidly despite the many requirements that have to be taken into account by our teams when choosing their methods and setting their schedules: work on electrical transmission lines, and/or near other railway lines or shopping centres, limited space, record depths, trenchless excavation, etc 

On the “Boucle de Rosny» riverside site, which marks the eastward extension of line 11, teams from both Razel-Bec’s DRN Major Projects agency and Sefi-Intrafor recently carried out sensitive work on the tunnel under Avenue du Général de Gaulle. This zone, which is crisscrossed with utility lines, required the progressive setup of soldier pile walls by Franki Fondation in lock-step with the advancing excavation work. After the handover of Rosny Bois Perrier station last May, Razel-Bec will deliver the tunnel on time, much to the satisfaction of its client, RATP. The Paris public transport authority also chose this section to test the underground carriages (work on the other packages is still ongoing) to avoid jeopardising the commissioning process, scheduled for 2023.

Fayat Foundations, exceptional technical performance

As these projects draw to a close, the teams are particularly proud of their work on two of the most emblematic stations out of the 68 forming the future network. And their clients are delighted!

Meeting strict deadlines and working 24/7, the technical feats achieved on the worksites at both the deepest station (Saint Maur Créteil, line 15) and the biggest and most interconnected station (Saint Denis Pleyel, line 16) will live on in the memory of the teams. Their performances were widely hailed by their clients.



Construction sites

Saint Maur Créteil train station :
32 molded wall panels of 1.80 m thick made at 70 m deep

Saint Denis Pleyel train station :
Molded walls with non-standard volumes (1.50 to 1.80 m thick)
36 prefabricated posts weighing close to 100 tons positioned to form the station's underground framework

SAE, Razel-Bec, a challenge at a depth of 40 metres

The plan to extend line E of the Parisian RER (regional railway) network (Eole project) required the setup of a central cement-treated bitumen mixing plant designed to produce the binder to seal the rails: SAE’s Compact plant put in a flawless performance.

What is most striking about this impressive civil engineering project, for which Razel-Becand and Sefi-Intrafor created a consortium, is that it started more than 40 metres underground, the depth at which the cement-treated bitumen workshop was set up. 



A descent in only a few minutes

The SAE Compact model selected, which is 12 metres long and weighs more than nine tonnes, was towed and lowered down to the tunnel entrance in just a few minutes thanks to the remarkable work of the on-site teams.

Satelec wins a mouth-watering contract

The subsidiary’s Major Projects unit successfully bid for the electrical equipment package at the Aulnay-Sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) operating centre dedicated to underground lines 16 and 17.

The site is a veritable nerve centre and houses the centralised control centre responsible for processing all the information on the uninterrupted operation of the lines and two maintenance sites - one dedicated to infrastructure, the other to rolling stock.

The 4-year project features 2.5 kilometres of architectural LED lighting based on an artistic proposal put forward by the light artist / architect duo of Yann Kersalé & Mark Wilson (Groupe-6), 11,800 lights for installation inside the buildings, 470 cameras, 250 lighting columns, and 50 vehicle charging stations.

Grand Paris projet ligne 16

Greater Paris project

Job-site Line 16 - Tunnel boring machine entrance shaft

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